Tabitha Layne


Yoga Lesson

Many of you know how much I enjoy my yoga practice and some of you have asked me to show you a few poses. So here you go, a quick lesson for all…

Top 10 Ways Escorts Stimulate the Economy

1. The average In Call escort spends $2-5,000 per month on hotels. This is on top of her $3,000 rent at her midtown high rise. 2. Escorts are religious groomers who have perfected the art of self maintenance. Find them at the nail shop weekly, the hair salon monthly, and the spa as often as […]

A Note from a Religious Fanatic

Occasionally, I receive emails from religious fanatics interested in helping me absolve my life of moral sin and impurity. Mostly they are full of curses, condemnations, reminding me of my upcoming spot in Hell where I will burn forever, and are written in all caps. Today I got a really sweet one. The tone was […]

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior