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Another Favorite Place of Mine

What a great place to call home

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You can hide your face but you are still highly exposed. Anyone can find you on those innumerable escort advertising sites, including creeps and stalkers, including your old sorority sisters, including your family. No matter what security measures you take, your ad will eventually end up in plain view of someone who should never see […]

Learning Los Angeles

This post comes to you live from Los Angeles, from the 11th story of a nice hotel just off the 405 freeway. I have no idea where I am- and I arrived on Friday. I come to LA often and have enjoyed many of its offerings. My friends who live down here always lead the […]

A personal interview

Here are answers to all of the questions I get asked most frequently. Read up and that way, when we next meet, we can skip the small talk and get right to the, ahem, dancing… Q: Do you have a boyfriend or a lover? A: Yes, you, my beloved & cherished client! I have boyfriends […]


So here I am on vacation doing my favorite thing to do on (any) vacation: planning my next one. It’s not that I am not content. It’s not that I do not enjoy the moments as they come. It’s just that I (really) enjoy having things to look forward to. I enjoy planning trips and […]

Tabitha Recommends: Chicago!

Well I have been here for nearly 72 hours now. I thought to be fair, I might wait at least that long before I gush about how amazing this city is! Here are some highlights so far: 1. Everyone is friendly. This is odd because when I look around and see skyscrapers and busy streets […]

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior