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Why you have to meet Jeniveve Delacroix

She is the young woman in the corner of the cafe engrossed in a  latte and a Foucault book. She is the one you can’t keep your eyes off of as you wait for your coffee. She’s the reason you decide to drink it at a table as close to her as you can get rather than run out to your next meeting which you are late for. You notice her long blonde tendrils as she twirls them through her fingers. Her tanned legs are crossed denying you of any further view. Her face is smooth and youthful, yet so engrossed in the book, that she doesn’t yet notice her admirer. You wonder how any man could be so lucky and you think your day would be so much brighter if you could just see her smile at you, if only… And when she looks up and does just that, you are momentarily breathless! Her smile is sincere and full bodied, with- was that a deviant twinkle at the end? Her eyes are warm and expressive and inviting- and looking right at you!


Your day has noticeably brightened.


She’s quick with a smile; her heart is a vast as the Pacific ocean that she lives near, she’s as sweet as her name implies, though her physical beauty says: untouchable! A divine conundrum! An approachable angel!

Speaking of touching, Jeniveve’s skin is so soft and smells so sweet, it’s like sweet tea on a hot summer day or sweet chai on a cold winter’s night . And did this woman invent the squat? I do think so; just take a look from behind. Her curves are really one perfect curve that starts with her perfect lips, ending only with her petite, perfect feet.

Jeniveve is a woman to be savored. She’s like a great work of literature. Read her again and again and always you will find something new. She will challenge you intellectually and physically, over and over.

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior