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The Lost Art of Relaxation

I am trying the staycation thing out. It’s hard to relax here at home. I was thinking I would do a lot of yoga, cook, read, disconnect, and be still for some periods of time. So far I slept through yoga (two classes), realized I had no food and so I made a Thai food delivery order that I am waiting for now. I will eat Pad See Ew glued to web pages about Belize vacations and reviews of these bed sheets I am considering purchasing.

Like a time change, I guess I need a few days to adjust to this staycation attitude change. The choice to relax is a hard one!

Cooking takes patience and nuances; Seamless takes the credit card that I have stored there so I can order in one click. Sitting on the couch reading a book is a forgotten art and doing nothing today means closing down the laptop but still holding the phone. Sitting in deep meditation is great for the old nervous system and increasing compassion towards self and others, but running on the Embarcadero burns calories plus it tones calves and thighs. A staycation is a million small decisions. Everything is on your own terms. Will you relax and try a new way or get anxious and text everyone you know?


Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior