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Learning Los Angeles

This post comes to you live from Los Angeles, from the 11th story of a nice hotel just off the 405 freeway. I have no idea where I am- and I arrived on Friday.

I come to LA often and have enjoyed many of its offerings. My friends who live down here always lead the way for me, and they drive. This trip, no friends, just me, my work, and my car. I have been getting lost. A lot. It’s not only me and my lack of sense of direction, but my gps is choking and is only 50% reliable apparently. Maybe it is also that I am simply overwhelmed by this city, when viewed through my windshield.

Los Angeles is a different kind of city. You drive through it. Legs are useless here. Everything is 12 miles and 30 minutes away. In LA, there are cities within cities, all blurring together eventually. LA is massive, and it never ends.

I consider myself an expert city driver- which basically means I scare the people in my car when I drive but I have never had an accident.  I can parallel park in 5 seconds flat. I enjoy driving in NYC. I consider cabbies my colleagues. I’m an amateur here. LA driving is something way different. It’s fast and furious, or it’s not moving and furious. The streets are wide and many. Getting caught lost going the wrong way in traffic can eat up half of your day, if just a typical rush hour doesn’t. Cars seem to command the right of way even in the case of pedestrians. I have noticed peds yielding to me in my car.

I’m learning the rules and in the meantime getting cursed at pretty regularly. I am trying to make sense of this map. There is no place like LA.

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior