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Top 10 Ways Escorts Stimulate the Economy

1. The average In Call escort spends $2-5,000 per month on hotels. This is on top of her $3,000 rent at her midtown high rise.

2. Escorts are religious groomers who have perfected the art of self maintenance. Find them at the nail shop weekly, the hair salon monthly, and the spa as often as they can find the time. They get weekly spray tans, bi-weekly massages, quarterly Botox, and annual Juvederm, all with standing appointments.

3. Escorts buy lingerie like most people buy groceries. When they go to the store to “pick up a few things” they mean $100 underwear, a $400 bra, and a $500 corset, not milk and eggs.

4. Gym memberships, yoga classes, Bootcamp, Pilates classes, and the outfits to match are essential to any escort’s survival.

5. Check your favorite escort’s Travel Calendar and do some math. How many frequent flyer miles did you count?

6. Escorts have employees. There is the booker, the driver, the house cleaner, the babysitter, the web designer, the copywriter, and the photographer. Madams have many employees and for the record, every madam was once an escort.

7. Escorts have handbags that cost more than the average mid-western mortgage payment.

8. Escorts are generous tippers. They are really just the middle woman in the trickle down economy. The client pays the salary of the escort who tips the housekeeper and the hairdresser and the waitress. Everyone wins.

9. Tryst, p411, Slixa and other adult companion sites are NOT supported or frequented by single people looking for love. They are supported by escorts looking for rent and travel money.

10. Does anyone else buy condoms by the case? And really, who buys $1500 lingerie sets if not for escorts?

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Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior