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So here I am on vacation doing my favorite thing to do on (any) vacation: planning my next one. It’s not that I am not content. It’s not that I do not enjoy the moments as they come. It’s just that I (really) enjoy having things to look forward to. I enjoy planning trips and filling my calendar. Nothing gets me going like the “please wait while we confirm the purchase of your ticket” page loading on my computer screen. I’m an almost-expert traveler seeking to drop the almost part of this self declared title.

While lounging at the pool this morning, an amazing novel, and a cup of coffee, it occurred to me just how absolute my freedom is because I am an escort. I can go (almost) anywhere in the world to vacation and work if I chose to. I simply have to keep my passport up to date, buy the ticket, rent the hotel room, place the ad, and viola! I could live on the road if I wanted to, but not in an RV on route 80 like my boyfriend and I once romanticized when we were 20 years old. I can live on the first class flight and 4-star hotel room kind of road.

Ultimately, all I have ever truly desired in life is freedom. I feel like I am living the dream – in reality. Being tied to my business for 5 grueling years was the worst era of my life to date. Being an escort has been the best and it’s still just the beginning.

I love my freedom. Happy 4th of July!

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior