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A Note from a Religious Fanatic

Occasionally, I receive emails from religious fanatics interested in helping me absolve my life of moral sin and impurity. Mostly they are full of curses, condemnations, reminding me of my upcoming spot in Hell where I will burn forever, and are written in all caps.

Today I got a really sweet one. The tone was of humble concern. This messenger of the Lord reminded me to disregard the email if I was “pagan of other religion or not interested” and told me twice that he loved and prayed for me. He even offered to teach me about Jesus and the upcoming apocalypse at no cost. Really nice guy.

What I liked the most were the Bible verses he included. They were beautiful. I may not be particularly religious but I love words with rhythm, images, and of course – poetry. The Bible is full of it.

The email was signed from “Jersey Juice”.

Thank you for sharing JJ! I loved your verses and am preparing for hell while I am still here on Earth by doing tons of hot yoga and plenty of sunbathing. I wish more religious fanatics were as kind and as truly Christian as you clearly are.



Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior