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Tabitha Recommends: Chicago!

Well I have been here for nearly 72 hours now. I thought to be fair, I might wait at least that long before I gush about how amazing this city is!

Here are some highlights so far:

1. Everyone is friendly. This is odd because when I look around and see skyscrapers and busy streets and sidewalks, I think people should be busy, and a little self-absorbed, like they tend to be in most big cities. Not Chicago. It’s all about the ‘how are you ma’am’, thank you Miss, and friendly smiles abound. The few clients I met have met so far have been nothing short of the sweetest of gentlemen. Southern hospitality with big city energy.

2. Five words: Tulips blooming in Millennium Park. It’s just barely past daffodil season but the tulips have the main stage for sure. Pinks, oranges, purples, yellows; so beautiful. I’m a flower nut and I always think roses are my favorite until tulip season rolls around each year. Millennium Park  showcases them in a artful and generous way. They are everywhere!

3. Shopping – I’m staying on the Magnificent Mile which is rather risky for me and especially for my credit card. I strolled past all of the large chain stores on Michigan Ave. and found myself on lovely Oak St. where the shops are small, privately-owned boutiques. No where else in the entire world could I have bought the pair of earrings I did today on Oak St. – directly from the hands of the woman who made them. Money well spent!

4. Architecture – Everything here seems so well-planned and perfectly environmentally appropriate. It’s as if the builders took all factors into consideration instead of just the bottom line before they began digging. Two-level freeways, rooftop gardens, alleys that hide the garbage (cleanest city I have ever seen!), and a perfect mix of old meets new is what I see around me. And the parks…they must employ half of the city to maintain them as well as they do!

I love Chicago!

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior

Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior