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Escort Etiquette For Beginners

There is a first time for everything; we have all been a beginner at everything we do. Often, the first time we do something is remembered as the best time, for years to come. Here is how to make that true of meeting your first escort. Included are tips to help with your selection of a companion, ease your nervousness when it comes time to meet one another, how to maximize your satisfaction from the experience, and to leave the lovely lady tickled to have made your acquaintance and looking forward to next time.

Selecting your companion

I recommend taking  your time selecting a companion, keeping in mind that many quality companions require a week’s notice or more to schedule, and that this experience should be as significant as a small vacation for you. You wouldn’t schedule your precious free time hastily or on a whim. Choose your companion carefully.

Remember also (you will like this one) that there are a huge variety of women to choose from, especially in a medium or large city. If I were to be searching for an escort in New York City, I can easily imagine myself browsing ads for a week or more. Eventually, that stand-out-must-have woman will be spotted and your mind will return to her over and over again.

Here are the places online where she might be:



Private Delights


When browsing Twitter feed and ads, look for a good mix of professional and cell phone photos. Twitter feeds will tell you how long someone has been around. I recommend choosing someone who has at least a verifiable year in the industry. This shows she is a real professional who will treat you, and your sensitive information with care.

Age is a good indicator of basic compatibility so choose someone who is around your ideal age. That way, you have a broad range of topics to discuss when you meet. Remember that ladies advertising as 21, could easily be 19. And ladies advertising as 40 could be 50+. I love p411 because lades advertising there have the option of uploading their ID and having their real age verified.

Make sure the escort you choose requires verification from her clients. You should never be able to schedule an appointment with a pretty lady on the internet with just an email . Be ready to give your real world information.

First impressions are everything

No escort says yes to every invitation they receive but if you follow these instructions, your invitation will not be declined.

Make sure you have read her website entirely, focusing on the screening requirements, and her calendar. You can save yourself a lot of time by checking her calendar before inviting her to meet you when she is half a world away. Escorts travel- a lot!

Every escort needs the following five items in order to schedule a date with you: your screening information, where, when, what time, and for how long you would like to meet her. 

In your introductory email, or in her appointment request form, include all of your screening information, which will be your employment information since you are new to this. You may be asked for things like your LinkedIn account or company website if it has you featured on it. Your cell phone number may be requested, not for calling but for screening and background checking.

A selfie of you holding your driver’s license is another common way to screen. If this makes you uncomfortable, blocking out all information except for your name is almost always acceptable. Remember: we’re judging our good times (and our life!) on your smile, so make it a good selfie!

To verify you, an escort may want to call you at work cloaked as the cleaners or whoever you have requested them to be. Or they may have you email them from your work address to their own separate and totally discrete address.

All of this real world information about you will  be used to stalk you at your workplace and sold to a sophisticated ring of identity thieves.

So, seriously: escorts are trained in discretion. I have long believed that If you have a secret, an escort is the only one you can 100% trust with it. I guard the secrets of my clients with my life and trust them with my own secrets! Besides, there are checks and balances in place in the escort industry, more efficient than I’ve seen in any democracy. An escort who is indiscreet or dishonest would quickly be outed as such.

It is natural to fear giving all of your information to someone you do not know, especially to someone in this industry which you have never partaken in and has a questionable reputation. However, I find time and time again, their clients, not the escorts, are the party that is often inadvertently indiscreet. Escorts have a lot of experience with being discreet and even invisible. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by mistreating your information.

Please use common sense and password protect everything, clear your history, and don’t forget to log out of email and from adult websites).

Preparing for your date

Groom like you would for any highly anticipated date where sex is definitely happening.

I stress some extra trimming and shaving in two areas but no need to go bald.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Don’t overdo it with cologne in case your date is sensitive to it.

You may want to purchase a bottle of wine to bring, especially if you know drinking it will help you to relax.

You’re in

It’s the day of your date. You’re nervous and excited. Or you aren’t nervous at all but just looking forward to what you hope is a good time, with some skepticism. Either way there is an etiquette to all of this.

When you arrive at her place or when she arrives at yours, take care of payment right away. This is important and there is a very specific way to to do it:

  • If she is coming to your place, it is customary to put the envelope with her fees on the bathroom vanity. Invite her to use the bathroom when she arrives. She will want to freshen up for you besides.
  • If you are going to her place, simply come in, take off your coat, and place the envelope on the table, plainly in view.
  • Some escorts have different ways they like to receive payment. That is why reading her entire website before meeting her always works to your benefit.

After introductions, your next move is to take a shower. If you are hosting, you can have this done beforehand. If she is hosting, even if you have recently showered, it is important to do it again. The gesture will be appreciated and rewarded, trust me. Hygiene pays in dividends!

Letting your hair down

Don’t forget that this is finally ME time for you. What a concept! Want a shoulder rub, a bath, to be tied to the chandelier or to dance naked on the bed? Just ask for it. Bring a fantasy outfit for her to wear for you. Let things flow naturally or follow her lead. Most importantly, have fun! If she’s good at what she does, by this time in the appointment, you are utterly unselfconscious and feeling good just being you in the moment.

Like falling in love but better

If everything went well, you should feel slightly elated with urges to smile throughout the day. Maybe your heart had a flash of longing as soon as she walked out the door and down the hall. This feeling can be similar to how falling in love feels, but it will fade much faster than real love.

You’re wondering when you can see her again, but the best part, perhaps, is knowing that are never obligated to!

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Beyond Expectation. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Boudior