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Why I Love My Doubles Partners Part One: Sasha Cadeaux

When I first laid eyes on Sasha’s ads, I could sense she was unique right away. Her photos were full of life; her look was elegant, refined and edgy, all simultaneously; even the words she used to describe herself- like “effervescent blonde”- all stirred something inside of me. Soon, I started hearing whispers from trusted people who said Sasha was “unbelievable”.

Sasha is believable on a day when your ultimate female fantasy unfurls before you.


Unfortunately for our viewers at home, what I consider to be among her best features are hidden in her online presence. Her face is beautiful and yes, I would even say it’s like an angel since an angel is soft, feminine, and glowing. You also can’t see her empathy and her ability to make you feel like you are the only one in her world (when you are lucky enough to be close to her).

I always seem to learn something when I am with Sasha since she is smart, educated, and has an uncanny intuition. Truly, total package material is she. The fantasy of anyone desiring a passionate woman who possesses a perfect balance of heart, brains, and beauty.





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