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Three Favorite Photos

It seems like I will never get my latest photos uploaded into my gallery (the process to do so on my new site unfortunately requires a third party, or, my web designer). So here are some more in the meantime.

Also, I do post a new photo every Monday on my Eros Guide page.

However, they are a bit tame (for a site that advertises Escorts, Ashley Madison, and has EROS in the name) and would never publish something like this. Sheer lingerie on the bottom is a big no no.


I was imitating an Agent Provocateur type editorial spread here. The look is to be as sexy and as powerful as is possible. In other words, I’ve unleashed my Feminine Goddess Powers and you will do exactly as I say. (Don’t worry, it will be something you will enjoy thoroughly).


I have tons of this shot with a slightly different pose in each one. I like my shadow here and even though you must see these strappy, little bottoms I have on in person to wholly appreciate them (imo), I do hope you can enjoy them here first:


With Love & Lust,


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