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The Problem With Escort Reviews

I don’t like them. I never have. When I was first doing my research on being an escort, I read them and thought them to be shockingly vile in their details. After I got some of my own, I read them every once in a while through the cover of my fingertips, like I read “It” and “Misery” as a child: horrified. TMI to the maximum which is not only distasteful but curious given the legal aspect. I was surprised how many and how often women were reviewed and how few requested not to be. Very quickly I came to believe, that without reviews, I would barely be considered by anyone, and be considered a high risk type of escort. The kind that uses some porn star’s photos and shows up looking quite differently, or the kind who would pocket a Rolex, or do much worse.

I had professional pictures, at least five of them- clear and honest, and I had good text in my ad (without typos), which I thought was a good start, but it wasn’t worth anything until it was all attached to some reviews. A month or so after placing my first ad, a brave man TOFTT . After that review and one or two more trickled in, I felt like a sort of overnight success (success is never actually overnight!). Even though I put out fresh content of myself so often, on so many websites, most people do choose me for my favorable reviews on TER.

Fictional or not, escort reviews are way too graphic and mostly subjective. TER requires a minimum list of acronyms per review in order for it to be published. They have set the standard for the graphic nature of reviews across all national review boards. This is from their Review Guidelines:

Both the General and Juicy Details section have been set up to house elaborate descriptions of the encounter. The General Details section should contain generalized, broader comments about the provider and your experience. At this point, do not mention specific sexual acts or price; just give the members a tease. The Juicy Details section should be used to describe the provider, the experience, and whether or not you enjoyed it in graphic emotional and sexual terms. Don’t make this space a recap of the General section. Instead, go for a blow-by-blow tell-all of your session with the provider from your own unique point of view. Remember, your opinion matters! Both the General and Juicy details should be at least four lines long or (preferably) longer.

TER also dictates an interesting rating system that rewards women who offer GFE type services and punishes those who do not offer these services. It rewards women who are “truly bi-sexual” as well how would the client know this? Does she say “no I am not truly bi-sexual so make sure you give me a 7, not a 10>”I can’t seem to find an ounce of truth or fairness in this policy and I question how often it is enforced anyway. That a review site dictates core services of an industry just doesn’t make sense.

In order to keep our performance ratings consistent, we set up the following system: An escort provider may only eligible to earn up to a 7, unless she also willing to perform the following during a session: Kisses With Tongue, Bare-Back Blow Job, Really Bi, Anal Sex, or More than One Guy. The addition of each offering will raise the score she is eligible for by one point.

Then it gets even more nonsensical, and weird, and gray.

This does not mean she earns extra points for performing the service; just that she is now eligible for a higher score. Her maximum eligible score is based on what is offered, not what is taken. You may or may not be interested in the “extra” services she has, but the fact she offers them makes her eligible for the higher score. Let’s not forget that all of these services and if they are offered or not are listed on provider profiles. And let’s not forget that the clients decide if they are offered or not the provider. So: even the profiles are often false.

There is also the revenge review writer: beware. I get this about once per year, from someone I am not interested in seeing again, or at all. This is the graphic and mean review about the “fictionalized encounter” that actually was fictional. Usually there will be one 10/10 review from the revenge review writer and one a month later one that is a 6/5 and it will include a personal blow, hitting that vulnerable spot that we offer as escorts.  Another review reality is that escorts, even “top-rated” and established ones, do write their own 10/10 reviews.

The subjective nature of reviews for escorts is at just about every level. The fictional encounters we have and the feelings we form about one another alone are subjective to our own personal tastes and are very nuanced. There are a lot of physical and emotional details at once and I believe in keeping the vast majority of those details, which cannot be explained in acronyms or numbers, private.

It’s no one’s business but our own.

I believe that reviews would be better served as Y/N questions to things like:

  • Is he/she as the pictures appear?
  • Was the In Call clean?
  • As advertised?
  • Would you see him/her again?

It just seems more safe, and more fair this way. It means both parties will need to do more homework in order to come together, which I am a huge advocate of. It makes for better meetings when we both know what we are truly getting into.

I will say that I hope to get no more reviews as I feel that I have more than established myself in the past almost four years. One would have a better idea of who I am, beyond my pictures, by reading just a few blog entries than by reading 20 reviews because, let’s face it, most reviews sound the same. A list of acronyms runs consistently throughout the reviews of one escort, deviating mostly due to bad hygiene on the client’s part, because the two didn’t totally hit it off because he had bad breath, or the escort was absolutely not as advertised. This means that reviews, while claiming to be built from a concrete, so-called menu, are mostly built on emotions alone, and hopefully dismissive to the reader as much in real life, as they would be in a court of law.







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