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The 411 on P411

This site is the only one that truly offers friends with benefits.

I am not the only escort recommending this site highly. Ladies love it! If you have never visited it before, please do. If you would like to join, and I know you well enough to vouch for your safety, kindness, and chivalry, I’d love to give you a reference. You do need one to join, or you will need to provide basic and verifiable personal information, and a fee of $129 for the year.

All escort photos are carefully verified by the web masters so there are little to no fake profiles to worry about. You can judge the credibility of your potential date by seeing how many “okays” she has given. It works like this: a date takes place by a legitimate escort and a p411 member, the member requests an okay from the escort which then is displayed on both profiles. It is a sure bet that if you happen to find a profile of a lady who has given 30 okays over a period of 3 years, she is a reputable and stand-up person. When an escort sees a gent’s profile and he has 15 okays by 15 reputable escorts, chances are she will feel safe seeing them with no further ado.

Speed is the other great benefit of this site. Since it does the screening for us both, last minute appointments are easier to coordinate. You can even request a pre-screen when you are interested in someone but don’t have the time now to make the appointment.

The site layout is simple and clean, containing only escort ads not pop ups for Ashley Madison, Fuck horny wives tonight, and webcam sites that take your computer hostage with every click. Also customer service is fast and reliable. Rumor has it that it is run by ex-escorts!

If you are serious about your hobby and want some peace of mind and ease with regards to choosing your companion, p411 is the best and only option. Check back to my NYC profile there soon as I will be listing incentives to those who find me there and request an appointment with me through their platform. I delight in products that make escorting more respectable, professional, and of course safer activity for all involved.



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