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Peaceful Progress: Salesforce Tower

7am view from Potrero Hill: entire SF skyline blanketed in fog minus the tip top of the up and coming giant, the Sales Force Tower.


Future View: top of what will become the tallest building in SF. Features of the completed obelisk shaped Tower include 1.4 million square feet of space, 60 stories, 13 ft high ceilings with 10 ft of clear glass on every floor, outside air intake on every floor. The Salesforce Tower will be linked to a 5.4 acre park and connected to the Transbay Transit Center, which is also still under construction and designed by the same firm, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.


It’s 9am now and I hear jackhammers from a couple directions at my now downtown location. There will always be construction in this attractive city but we will undoubtedly find relative quiet solace and a lot of green in Soma when this massive project is finished.




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