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How to Remove TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps

For anyone who wants to have all of their reviews removed from TER, the so-called “necessary evil” escort review site, there are four easy steps to do so.

How to Remove All of Your TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps:

  1. Remove your badge from Page 1 of your website (as dictated by TER) and decline reviews when asked would you like one. Mention that you are not participating in the TER review system any longer to all clients. Write it on your website and ads.
  2. Do Not Post Ads on TER. Contributing in forums is OK still, at this stage.
  3. Contact TER admin and asked to be removed. Tell them you removed their badge and do not wish to participate in the review culture any longer. Cite your web copy about this. Try again. (If this works, ignore #4, however, this usually does not work alone.)
  4. In a TER forum, write a post about how you disagree with TER policy or philosophy. Keep a calm and informative tone. Repeat if necessary, but I doubt you will need to.

The Juicy Details:

This worked for me, and it could work for you as well. I began to tell people I don’t participate in the TER review system and prefered no review, if the topic came up. (Before I was delisted, it had been 11 months since my last review). I stopped posting ads on TER and focused my advertising energy elsewhere. I contacted TER twice about removing my profile and was ignored. I asked a third time and twas told to write to a different email address. I was getting the run around.

The nail in the coffin for me was just last week when a well known DC provider, AngelinaDDD wrote a post about having trouble with TER (in the Provider’s Only Forum) and TER Admin responded (in red) with a clearly degrading and threatening message. Now, I couldn’t keep quiet. I wrote to reminded ladies that “evil” doesn’t belong in a business plans, and that there are many alternatives to TER. I never wholly condemned TER, just shone light on it’s problems.

My reviews were gone within the hour after writing my TER critique post!  Power of the pen Baby!

My reviews are all gone but my profile remains. It’s like they can’t or won’t give up that last morsel of control. They sure do spark a fight or flight in me of some kind. They are predators afterall.





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