1 Hours $1000
1.5 Hours $1500
2 Hours $2000
3 Hours $2500
4 Hours $3000
6 Hours $4000
Overnight $7000

 Location Location Location

In San Francisco I host at a luxurious Union Square location and I provide Out Call to bay area hotels.

 Tabitha Times Two (or More)

Allow me to introduce you to my exceedingly sexy friends. Doubles are always available.

Required Painless Verification

I prefer:

  • Requests via p411.
  • Employment screening.

I also accept:

  • Two or more references from reputable and independent companions.

In either case:

  • I feel safe knowing your real, legal name.
  • I like to know a little of who you are before we meet. Whatever feels right to share with me, please do.


ms.tabitha.layne @ gmail


  • Place my compensation in plain view within a few minutes of meeting or before I arrive, without discussion.
  • Hygiene pays in dividends! Wash your hands before we begin, at minimum. You may shower if it has been more than an hour or so of your last one. Mouthwash is always available and I do love to kiss.
  • If you are new to all of this, here is some suggested reading.

Payment and Cancellations

I accept cash primarily, and also credit cards. I may request a gift card or credit card deposit for any appointment, at my discretion.

Please try to cancel in a timely manner. If you need to cancel at the last minute, a gift card or donation shows good faith and an intent to reschedule.

Charity & Gifts

If you are curious about this part of my site, you must be like me: a person who sometimes shows their affections with material gifts.

  • GLIDE – My Long Time Favorite Charity based in SF.
  • BOOKS: Nonfiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Poetry, Health & Self Improvement, Classic Novels, Zen Buddhism, Silicon Valley Topics, Fashion, Economics & Investing, Historical Novels, and more.
  • Nordstrom Gift Card – retail therapy plus 1% of the sale is donated to nonprofits.

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