Where are you from?

San Francisco and often New York. Join my newsletter for live updates about my whereabouts- and tons of eye candy.

Did you write all of this text and your blog yourself?

Yes! Writing is a regular part of my life and something that I enjoy tremendously. Fret not that I have no reviews. Reading my blog will give you a much better idea of what I am like in real life than any contrived, exaggerated or fake review poorly written on a controversial and misogynistic review board might. Plus, my blog contains tons of eye candy.

What can I expect our time to be like together?

Kiss me, rekiss me, & kiss me again:
Give me one of your most delicious kisses,
A kiss in excess of my fondest wishes:
I’ll repay you four, more scalding than you spend.
And as kiss with kiss so happily mixes,
Let’s ease back into our shared joy again.

-Loiuse Labe

When we meet, expect a disarmingly real woman who is excited to meet you too. Expect someone who looks exactly as portrayed here- beautiful and sexy, with the perfect matching attitude.


Reality should always exceed the fantasy.

What is your ideal date?

Start with great chemistry and any date is ideal. I do love theatre, concerts, and the symphony.

What about More Women? Couples?

Doubles, triples, a harem: name your fantasy.

I only entertain gentlemen and not couples.

What about Kink and BDSM?

Yes, please, Sir. You are safe exploring with me. I have experience in Dominant and submissive relationships, role playing, rope bondage, tease and denial (my favorite), and a lot more. Kinky sex is just playing, for adults. Schedule two or more hours for these types of meetings.

How long does it take for you to respond?

A few minutes or a few days, and quicker during the week. Sending a second email to catch my attention at the top of my In Box helps tremendously. I am an excellent companion but a so-so secretary. It’s true. It’s also true that I answer all of my own correspondences generously, although slowly at times.


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