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Attn. Fellow Grammar Geeks

This is a great article for grammar geeks and anyone who thinks correct English still matters. If anyone is not guilty of a single offense listed here, I will be pleasantly surprised and deeply impressed. 25 Common Grammar Mistakes to Check For in Your Writing    

What, no reviews?

I don’t participate in the review system any longer, despite being a top ranked provider in my city with plenty of 10/10 reviews. There are many reasons for my withdrawal. The festering misogyny that the review culture encourages aside, the primary reason is that I think too many reviews on the national board(s) are completely […]

Gloom, No Doom

I came home to SF today from a warm, sunny location- straight into the eye of the storm. I could not be happier to be here! This foggy, windy, stormy San Francisco  weather has always been comforting, romantic, and even inspiring to me. I love to write when it’s raining, and read, plus staying in […]


She is the top escort (or claims to be) in the entire state of Florida. She, of course, is highly educated (or claims to be). She says on her website that she is at a loss of words when attempting to describe herself  (100% true claim). She stole most of the content on three of […]