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Peaceful Progress: Salesforce Tower

7am view from Potrero Hill: entire SF skyline blanketed in fog minus the tip top of the up and coming giant, the Sales Force Tower. Future View: top of what will become the tallest building in SF. Features of the completed obelisk shaped Tower include 1.4 million square feet of space, 60 stories, 13 ft high ceilings with 10 […]

Why I Love My Doubles Partners Part One: Sasha Cadeaux

When I first laid eyes on Sasha’s ads, I could sense she was unique right away. Her photos were full of life; her look was elegant, refined and edgy, all simultaneously; even the words she used to describe herself- like “effervescent blonde”- all stirred something inside of me. Soon, I started hearing whispers from trusted people […]

Two Ways

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Ever since I heard this fabulous little phrase coined by Dr. Suess, I share it whenever I can with anyone who comes to me with a story of regret or one that causes them sadness. Talk about two ways to see the world! Talk about attitude […]

Music Tells Our Story

One thing that I have always found curious is our habit, upon meeting new people, to immediately ask them what they do for a living. Why is this? Does someone’s job or career define them or is it the most telling clue to knowing who they are, at their core? I doubt it, even in […]

The Sexiest Song of All Time I’ve given this a lot of thought and ever more listening but the award goes to “Anytime, Anyplace” by Janet Jackson. Everyone has a different opinion here but before you settle on yours, check out the accompanying video to Miss Jackson’s beautiful and erotic song. As overly and improperly the word is used, this […]

Folsom Street Fair

I love when I come across events or happenings that are truly “only in San Francisco.” They tend to be rather extreme and, although the Summer of Love and the beat poets are long gone, these “only in SF” things tend to toe at boundaries, deviate from the norm, and sometimes- shock. The Folsom Street […]


When I am sad, I give thanks. When I hurt, a small part of me rejoices. This is what it means to be ALIVE.