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Gloom, No Doom

I came home to SF today from a warm, sunny location- straight into the eye of the storm. I could not be happier to be here! This foggy, windy, stormy San Francisco  weather has always been comforting, romantic, and even inspiring to me. I love to write when it’s raining, and read, plus staying in […]


You can hide your face but you are still highly exposed. Anyone can find you on those innumerable escort advertising sites, including creeps and stalkers, including your old sorority sisters, including your family. No matter what security measures you take, your ad will eventually end up in plain view of someone who should never see […]


After many months of sticking to my home base(s) of San Francisco and New York City, I have decided that I will tour again. Considering the cities that I am lucky enough to call home, maybe you can see why I don’t currently tour. But there are so many other wonderful cities in the states […]

Travel Journal

It’s been just under two months since I have traveled more than 90 miles from home, but it feels like much longer! As some of you may know, I moved recently, 3,000 miles from my long time home, San Francisco. It’s been a hard adjustment to say the least and yes, I did leave my […]

Ever The Travel Bug…

I’ve said these words so many times after a trip, for work or for pleasure, or for both: “I’m not going to travel for a while; I’m going to stay home for at least x months!” And why shouldn’t I stay home? I live in one of the biggest travel destinations in the world (Golden […]

Los Angeles

This post comes to you live from Los Angeles, from the 11th story of a nice hotel just off the 405 freeway. I have no idea where I am- and I arrived on Friday. I come to LA often and have enjoyed many of its offerings. My friends who live down here always lead the […]

Back to Chicago I go

I’ve been saving these photos for quite some time in anticipation for my next visit to Chicago. Not that they are very old, or “30 pounds ago”… They still very accurately depict what I look like except that I have a deep tan from a lot of beach time lately. I’ll be hosting in Chicago […]

Season’s Greetings

My newest newsletter (subscribe @ my website to be the first to know):Tis’ the season for cuddling. Will you keep me warm this holiday season?My travel schedule: 12/20 – 12/23 (morning only) → Washington DC, Capitol Hill 12/28 (5-10pm only) – 12/31 (morning only) → San Francisco, Union Square 01/01 – 01/05 → San Francisco, […]