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The Lost Art of Relaxation

I am trying the staycation thing out. I started today. This is harder than the beach and maybe even camping. I was thinking I would do a lot of yoga, cook, read, disconnect, and be still for some periods of time. So far I slept through yoga (two classes), realized I had no food (and […]

Christmas is Dead

I am so sad that Christmas is over. I didn’t even get a chance to say Merry Christmas here so: Merry Christmas! I am still listening to Christmas music, (can’t get enough of Brenda Lee) even after seeing the Dead & Co. last night at Bill Graham Auditorium and having all of those fantastic songs […]

Take it From the Top

They said it was equal to five stories but looking down into the river below, it may as well have been five miles. Yet, I wanted to jump off this bridge so badly. Instead I stood there with my knees knocking, taking shallow breaths, until finally I found the nerve and I asked, “can you […]

Travel Journal

It’s been just under two months since I have traveled more than 90 miles from home, but it feels like much longer! As some of you may know, I moved recently, 3,000 miles from my long time home, San Francisco. It’s been a hard adjustment to say the least and yes, I did leave my […]

Music Tells Our Story

One thing that I have always found curious is our habit, upon meeting new people, to immediately ask them what they do for a living. Why is this? Does someone’s job or career define them or is it the most telling clue to knowing who they are, at their core? I doubt it, even in […]

Folsom Street Fair

I love when I come across events or happenings that are truly “only in San Francisco.” They tend to be rather extreme and, although the Summer of Love and the beat poets are long gone, these “only in SF” things tend to toe at boundaries, deviate from the norm, and sometimes- shock. The Folsom Street […]