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What, no reviews?

I don’t participate in the review system any longer, despite being a top ranked provider in my city with plenty of 10/10 reviews. There are many reasons for my withdrawal. The festering misogyny that the review culture encourages aside, the primary reason is that I think too many reviews on the national board(s) are completely […]

How to Remove TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps

For anyone who wants to have all of their reviews removedĀ from TER, the so-called “necessary evil” escort review site, there are four easy steps to do so. How to Remove All of Your TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps: Remove your badge from Page 1 of your website (as dictated by TER) and decline reviews […]

The Problem With Escort Reviews

I don’t like them. I never have. When I was first doing my research on being an escort, I read them and thought them to be shockingly vile in their details. After I got some of my own, I read them every once in a while through the cover of my fingertips, like I read […]