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Love Now!

You don’t wait until you’re on your dying bed and decide to love everybody you hated. No. You begin that now. Love everybody. There is power in love. Love is power. -Cecil Williams  


She is the top escort (or claims to be) in the entire state of Florida. She, of course, is highly educated (or claims to be). She says on her website that she is at a loss of words when attempting to describe herself  (100% true claim). She stole most of the content on three of […]

Two Ways

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Ever since I heard this fabulous little phrase coined by Dr. Suess, I share it whenever I can with anyone who comes to me with a story of regret or one that causes them sadness. Talk about two ways to see the world! Talk about attitude […]

Hello, Goodbye

“Work is love made visible.” – Khalil Gibran When you left today, I kissed you goodbye, and thanked you for spending your precious time with me. I walked you to the door with my hand on your back. My last view of you was from the side, your profile, as you turned to head to […]

Funny Quote of the Day

This one is all too true; you know what I am talking about: Bad decisions make good stories. Author Unknown; Discovered on a post card left in my hotel room.

A Message from Jersey Juice, and God

More than a few times in the past since I have started advertising on Eros and Redbook, I have received emails from religious fanatics interested in helping me absolve my life of mortal sin and impurity. Mostly they are full of curses, condemnations, remind me of my upcoming spot burning for eternity in the flames […]