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Does X=Y?

I’m not a Millennial. I checked Wikipedia, which can’t be wrong, plus I can self-identify with whatever generation I choose. Besides, I am at the cusp, precisely. Many “researchers” would say I am an X-er, fair and square though there is a gray line, drawn somewhere in the early 80’s. I believe that with the […]

Separating the Girls From the Women

Why are sex workers continually called girls? And non-sex worker women called girls until they reach their 50’s? I have a lot of male friends who like to tell me about the new “girl” that they are dating, to which I respond by telling them that the proper authorities will be contacted. It’s not a […]

We need to talk about something

I love girl talk and I especially reveled in today’s, with three generations of opinionated women: my mother, two aunts, a cousin and I poolside and a spontaneous conversation about sex work ensues. As much girl talk does, it began with some gossip, whispers that a certain someone we all knew was frequenting strip clubs. […]