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Unearthing the Archives

Making a new website requires new images so I scheduled a photo shoot. Like always, a week after the shoot, my photographer contacts me with login info to the new gallery and suddenly I have a thousand new photos. I really didn’t need to do that new photo shoot. I have eight galleries by now, […]

Moving and Standing Still

My new video is up on my website! Let me know what you think. Thank you to everyone who has already done this. I was nervous with my choice of songs but ultimately it was my stamp of the real me: a sometimes rocker chic who leans toward music written before her time. (And by “leans” […]

The Skinny on Sex Appeal

When I shop online, I look intently at the clothes, and almost not at all at the model, who may as well be a human shaped ice block. Today while shopping at Victoria’s Secret, I happened to look closely at those ice blocks after noticing one that had been shaved or melted to what had […]

The Problem With Escort Reviews

I don’t like them. I never have. When I was first doing my research on being an escort, I read them and thought them to be shockingly vile in their details. After I got some of my own, I read them every once in a while through the cover of my fingertips, like I read […]

Banned In the USA

Today I got a call from the Eros guide, my primary advertiser. I was surprised to see the call on my caller ID. The woman on the line says that she is calling me to let me know that they have removed photo number five from my ad because it violates their publishing standards in […]