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Christmas is Dead

I am so sad that Christmas is over. I didn’t even get a chance to say Merry Christmas here so: Merry Christmas! I am still listening to Christmas music, (can’t get enough of Brenda Lee) even after seeing the Dead & Co. last night at Bill Graham Auditorium and having all of those fantastic songs […]

Music Tells Our Story

One thing that I have always found curious is our habit, upon meeting new people, to immediately ask them what they do for a living. Why is this? Does someone’s job or career define them or is it the most telling clue to knowing who they are, at their core? I doubt it, even in […]

Gratitude, again

I’m still on the gift tip here- continuing from my last post. But really, it’s the gratitude tip since giving gifts is an act of gratitude and receiving them also sparks gratitude. So, I got the best gift possible from my sister recently: an ipod loaded with music. Isn’t that a good one?! Feel free […]

Tabitha Recommends: Lady Gaga

She’s been my obsession for just over a year now. It all began when a good friend, with great musical taste, bought her second album The Fame Monster for me claiming, “You gotta hear this; she is the new thing; she has real talent”. He had just caught her show at the large yet intimate […]