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Gloom, No Doom

I came home to SF today from a warm, sunny location- straight into the eye of the storm. I could not be happier to be here! This foggy, windy, stormy San Francisco  weather has always been comforting, romantic, and even inspiring to me. I love to write when it’s raining, and read, plus staying in […]

Intimate View

Soon I will write some Words here but another picture for now. I love a good silhouette. Can you recognize the black and white view? That’s a tough question I think, but we San Franciscans tend to know our tiny, lil’ city rather intimately. It’s size and scope allow for it.


You can hide your face but you are still highly exposed. Anyone can find you on those innumerable escort advertising sites, including creeps and stalkers, including your old sorority sisters, including your family. No matter what security measures you take, your ad will eventually end up in plain view of someone who should never see […]

Unearthing the Archives

Making a new website requires new images so I scheduled a photo shoot. Like always, a week after the shoot, my photographer contacts me with login info to the new gallery and suddenly I have a thousand new photos. I really didn’t need to do that new photo shoot. I have eight galleries by now, […]

Shoe Bling

  These are worthy of a post of their own. Very rarely do I deviate from a shade of red or maroon on my toes but I didn’t want these new Stuart Weitzman’s to have to share the show- so neutral it is. Yes, I do have a little bit of a “foot thing” but […]

Moving and Standing Still

My new video is up on my website! Let me know what you think. Thank you to everyone who has already done this. I was nervous with my choice of songs but ultimately it was my stamp of the real me: a sometimes rocker chic who leans toward music written before her time. (And by “leans” […]