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Three Favorite Photos

It seems like I will never get my latest photos uploaded into my gallery (the process to do so on my new site unfortunately requires a third party, or, my web designer). So here are some more in the meantime. Also, I do post a new photo every Monday on my Eros Guide page. However, they are a […]

Shoe Bling

  These are worthy of a post of their own. Very rarely do I deviate from a shade of red or maroon on my toes but I didn’t want these new Stuart Weitzman’s to have to share the show- so neutral it is. Yes, I do have a little bit of a “foot thing” but […]

Three Inches of Practical

Living back in San Francisco requires proper gear for a climate that is always foggy, windy, and cold. And don’t forget the hills. I downgraded to a three inch heel (down from my usual six) for practical purposes, namely, those relentless hills. I added the ankle strap to compensate for the possible loss of sexiness […]

New Obsession

Good riddance low riding, style cramping, can’t eat a decent meal in you skinny jeans! Welcome back 70’s: high rise bell bottoms, crop tops, and wedge platforms. I love this look: I was also born about 20 or so years too late, unfortunately so this era of style naturally appeals to me. My formative years […]

The Skinny on Sex Appeal

When I shop online, I look intently at the clothes, and almost not at all at the model, who may as well be a human shaped ice block. Today while shopping at Victoria’s Secret, I happened to look closely at those ice blocks after noticing one that had been shaved or melted to what had […]