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Woman Crush

Gentlemen, As winter approaches, I cant’t help but to think how lucky I am to live in SF and not NYC any longer. But then-   Meet Melissa Davis, NYC’s premier and exclusive companion. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently and I can say that ever since, I have been checking my calendar […]

Why I Love My Doubles Partners Part One: Sasha Cadeaux

When I first laid eyes on Sasha’s ads, I could sense she was unique right away. Her photos were full of life; her look was elegant, refined and edgy, all simultaneously; even the words she used to describe herself- like “effervescent blonde”- all stirred something inside of me. Soon, I started hearing whispers from trusted people […]

New Photos, Again

My photographer returned my photos three weeks early, yay! They look great with lots of his signature moody, shadowy, sexy style. There is also some outdoor and indoor San Francisco city view shots and a few with a beautiful, close friend of mine who dropped in on the shoot. Also, if you are a leg […]

Ever The Travel Bug…

I’ve said these words so many times after a trip, for work or for pleasure, or for both: “I’m not going to travel for a while; I’m going to stay home for at least x months!” And why shouldn’t I stay home? I live in one of the biggest travel destinations in the world (Golden […]