New Photos, Again

My photographer returned my photos three weeks early, yay! They look great with lots of his signature moody, shadowy, sexy style. There is also some outdoor and indoor San Francisco city view shots and a few with a beautiful, close friend of mine who dropped in on the shoot. Also, if you are a leg or a back  guy, this set is for you. There are quite few this time and I’ll be posting them regularly. Here is a tiny sample:








You can hide your face but you are still highly exposed. Anyone can find you on those innumerable escort advertising sites, including creeps and stalkers, including your old sorority sisters, including your family. No matter what security measures you take, your ad will eventually end up in plain view of someone who should never see it.

Also, I’ve been at this long enough to know that of the people who contact you, a very small percentage are worth meeting, and my focus is on that great group of long time client/friends that I already have.

And so I am changing the way I do business here.

I will be writing newsletters going forward in lieu of most of my online advertising. I have experimented with this in the past and have had mixed feelings about it. I want to respect the privacy of others and of myself. I never want to send you something that you don’t want or that you deem inappropriate. So please, if you receive my newsletter and do not want to again, click unsubscribe straight away. You will never hear from me again, at least not in that way. If you choose to receive the newsletter, it will contain travel and schedule notices, photos, and brief content that I aim to be relative and interesting, possibly even funny if you catch me on the right day.

I am very excited to start writing and I hope that you enjoy this more personalized way of keeping in touch. Think of it not as a newsletter, but as a polyamorous love letter!





Christmas is Dead

I am so sad that Christmas is over. I didn’t even get a chance to say Merry Christmas here so:

Merry Christmas!

I am still listening to Christmas music, (can’t get enough of Brenda Lee) even after seeing the Dead & Co. last night at Bill Graham Auditorium and having all of those fantastic songs running through my head. I guess you could call them oldies by now, even though they never get old- and Christmas doesn’t either.stealyourfacexmas

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s been unusually cold here in the Bay Area and that has added a nice touch to the season, especially I’d imagine, for East Coasters like me. I didn’t have a tree this year but spent (more…)

Unearthing the Archives

Making a new website requires new images so I scheduled a photo shoot. Like always, a week after the shoot, my photographer contacts me with login info to the new gallery and suddenly I have a thousand new photos. I really didn’t need to do that new photo shoot. I have eight galleries by now, all packed with pretty pictures, a handful of ones that caught hideous angles and expressions, and some that are magazine quality beautiful (it’s him mostly- I just pose and smile). I don’t know where to go with all of these photos so I need to start posting them here. It’s taking me weeks to choose which photos to put on the main pages of my site because I am sifting through literally thousands of images. I always said that I like to keep things fresh and keep my photos current and accurate depictions of who I am but let’s be honest, I am not a toddler and I don’t change very much from year to year these days. So you might see some older images taking up prime real estate on my website but trust me, I look like that still.


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Shoe Bling


These are worthy of a post of their own. Very rarely do I deviate from a shade of red or maroon on my toes but I didn’t want these new Stuart Weitzman’s to have to share the show- so neutral it is. Yes, I do have a little bit of a “foot thing” but sorry guys- I only get inspired when it is a woman’s feet. I don’t need to explain, right?

Happy Halloween!


Three Inches of Practical

Living back in San Francisco requires proper gear for a climate that is always foggy, windy, and cold. And don’t forget the hills.

I downgraded to a three inch heel (down from my usual six) for practical purposes, namely, those relentless hills. I added the ankle strap to compensate for the possible loss of sexiness that can occur as the heel gets closer to the ground. The slightest bit of toe cleavage and tiny bit of high rise in the back complete the package and put these pumps in the arena with any stilleto on my shoe rack.

Yes, all this thought goes into purchasing a pair of women’s shoes, even classic black pumps.