What, no reviews?

I don’t participate in the review system any longer, despite being a top ranked provider in my city with plenty of 10/10 reviews. There are many reasons for my withdrawal. The festering misogyny that the review culture encourages aside, the primary reason is that I think too many reviews on the national board(s) are completely made up, or written under false precepts, which negates the number one reason that clients look to review sites: for provider reliability.

To check my own reliability, I encourage you to read on. Not only this post but browse through my blog. There are four years plus of carefully written posts, and tons of eye candy.

To know if I really am “as advertised”, I encourage you to come back to my site or to my ads from time to time. There is my Eros Guide ad and my P411 ad, both in SF. I do a photo shoot religiously every three months, which means there is always new content of me trickling into my tiny corners of the web. When we meet, who you saw online, is who will smile and welcome you at the door when we meet. Also, please enjoy the two videos I have made for you (with more to come) to further confirm my credibility, charisma, and constitution. I have much of all three!

Maybe you are still a skeptic or twice shy due to a past bite. To further quell your concerns or curiosities about me, you can find me on Twitter, linked up with and corresponding regularly with other top providers from around the world and especially in the Bay Area. I know women from many cities and many of us are personal friends providing personal recommendations to our clients.

Last but not least at all, I am involved with a highly exclusive and reputable collective called Le Jardin Sensuelle  which hosts unforgettable and unimaginable events about every six months or so. Because I am also exclusive and reputable, I was chosen to join this elite group. Contact me directly for more information.

I find I have the best time with clients who have read my blog. Those are the clients that I have the most in common with and when we meet, there is no ice to break; intimacy and friendship has been established already. I find that I get on very well with independent minded individuals: those who make their own way or their own companies, those who chose to embrace life, not fall prey to the mundanity of it, and those that care about the “total package” not skewed, statistical numbers from a website that is commonly called “necessary evil” by providers and clients alike.


  • Evil is a bad way to start any relationship. Even reviewed providers do not prefer clients who review.
  • What one man may love, another may loathe.
  • You can’t trust what is on the internet, especially what is on escort review sites.
  • Following the herd always leads to disillusionment- eventually.
  • Independent and elite escorts prefer independent-minded and elite clients!
  • My business model is designed as one that gives you the maximum amount of information to determine if I am the one you are seeking. Check me out!


*Independent Escort Providing Extraordinary Moments to my Unique, Like-Minded Clients since 2011*


la·dy·like adjective 1. appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl.

Today Honey Butter updated my site with some pictures I chose from my latest shoot. I realized with these new additions there are now two photos of me with my hand very indiscreetly inside of my knickers!


I do like posing like this because I find it incredibly HOT. Also, at least once when shooting, my photographer prompts me to do it. I think he likes the pose as well.


You may think it unladylike. Then again that depends on what kind of lady you like.

With Lust & Laughter,




Does X=Y?

I’m not a Millennial. I checked Wikipedia, which can’t be wrong, plus I can self-identify with whatever generation I choose. Besides, I am at the cusp, precisely. Many “researchers” would say I am an X-er, fair and square though there is a gray line, drawn somewhere in the early 80’s. I believe that with the X-ers is where I belong.

Here are some suggested qualities for Generation X-ers, and my thoughts about why I relate:

The “latchkey” generation- which gave way to social independence (I remember watching after school specials about latchkey kids made to babysit real life latchkey kids, like me, and I remember every female role model I had telling me I don’t need a man. I adored “Career Barbie” and her micro-suit and white briefcase, and wanted to be like her.)

Highest level of education- ever (Last generation of affordable higher education and we took advantage of it! Almost everyone I know my age has a degree they are not using but has long been paid for.)

More inclined to civic duty and responsibility (Today people think things just “happen” and problems are solved by complaining, or they smile for their selfie because they have no idea what’s going on. It’s amazing how many young people today don’t even understand what a primary election is. I was raised to understand politics and how they can affect me.)

Inclined to individual risk taking and business entrepreneurship (Yep, we’ve taken control over the way we spend our time and we can hardly bare to squalor it on a huge corporation that does not share our values. This may be part of that social independence that stems from the latchkey experience. See above.)

It’s not like I’m bragging, though I know that Millennials are well-hated, sometimes intensely. I have a friend who admitted that he “loves to fire Millennials” and another who will “not hire a Millennial under any circumstance” and please- can we stop with the hipster bashing already? Every generation dresses strangely and modifies their body in some way or another in the name of identity. Funny mustaches today are the beehives of yesterday. Plus, unchecked greed by generations before them, has ruined the chances of going to college for many Millennials, who can’t or won’t afford to drop 100k at the state university. We scoff at baby CEO’s in hoodies who have dropped out of college or never went in the first place and say how we worked hard for our first x amount dollars while they make that in 30 seconds while they sleep. Well good for them! They should be proud- but not quite that proud…

More than anything Millennials are attributed to being narcissistic. The selfie pandemic and the phones and devices made to take them. Endless social media sites that encourage self indulgence, self importance, and self promotion. The Me, Me, Me generation has arrived and you better photograph them, tag them, like them, hire them, buy what they are selling, and too bad if you are pregnant, Dylan or Madison was sitting there first. Part of me cries out: leave them alone, they are the first generation to have this technology that encourages- is made for- complete self absorption. The other part answers: yeah, but they created the technology in the first place.

So if I am not bragging about being an X-er  and not a Y-er,  what I am doing is just saying it is nice not to be stereotyped in these ways. I am flattered that most people say I look younger than I am. But don’t let my youthful exterior fool you! I can’t take a decent selfie, or use Twitter or Facebook effectively and without being overwhelmed, and if you offer me a job, I will be grateful and know that it is an opportunity for me, and not a lucky break for you. I’ve used paper phone books and dictionaries and have even made my share of mix tapes. These are not Millenial experiences.

Even if I took perfect selfies every time by using a stick, I am too old fashioned to be a Millennial. I still believe in hard, sweaty work when required, shitty jobs that pay minimum wage for young kids, phone calls not texting, meeting in person not on Facebook, going to the store for a roll of paper towels vs. ordering it online, and I still believe in privacy, at least in terms of what I ate for dinner. I have an LP collection. I even like to write with a pen (no, not a quill pen, you Smart Ass 26-year old, you). This kind of life may seem repulsive to some, and antiquated to many but it’s just life to me.

Maybe I am a Baby Boomer?



How to Remove TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps

For anyone who wants to have all of their reviews removed from TER, the so-called “necessary evil” escort review site, there are four easy steps to do so.

How to Remove All of Your TER Reviews in Four Easy Steps:

  1. Remove your badge from Page 1 of your website (as dictated by TER) and decline reviews when asked would you like one. Mention that you are not participating in the TER review system any longer to all clients. Write it on your website and ads.
  2. Do Not Post Ads on TER. Contributing in forums is OK still, at this stage.
  3. Contact TER admin and asked to be removed. Tell them you removed their badge and do not wish to participate in the review culture any longer. Cite your web copy about this. Try again. (If this works, ignore #4, however, this usually does not work alone.)
  4. In a TER forum, write a post about how you disagree with TER policy or philosophy. Keep a calm and informative tone. Repeat if necessary, but I doubt you will need to.

The Juicy Details:

This worked for me, and it could work for you as well. I began to tell people I don’t participate in the TER review system and prefered no review, if the topic came up. (Before I was delisted, it had been 11 months since my last review). I stopped posting ads on TER and focused my advertising energy elsewhere. I contacted TER twice about removing my profile and was ignored. I asked a third time and twas told to write to a different email address. I was getting the run around.

The nail in the coffin for me was just last week when a well known DC provider, AngelinaDDD wrote a post about having trouble with TER (in the Provider’s Only Forum) and TER Admin responded (in red) with a clearly degrading and threatening message. Now, I couldn’t keep quiet. I wrote to reminded ladies that “evil” doesn’t belong in a business plans, and that there are many alternatives to TER. I never wholly condemned TER, just shone light on it’s problems.

My reviews were gone within the hour after writing my TER critique post!  Power of the pen Baby!

My reviews are all gone but my profile remains. It’s like they can’t or won’t give up that last morsel of control. They sure do spark a fight or flight in me of some kind. They are predators afterall.





Three Favorite Photos

It seems like I will never get my latest photos uploaded into my gallery (the process to do so on my new site unfortunately requires a third party, or, my web designer). So here are some more in the meantime.

Also, I do post a new photo every Monday on my Eros Guide page.

However, they are a bit tame (for a site that advertises Escorts, Ashley Madison, and has EROS in the name) and would never publish something like this. Sheer lingerie on the bottom is a big no no.


I was imitating an Agent Provocateur type editorial spread here. The look is to be as sexy and as powerful as is possible. In other words, I’ve unleashed my Feminine Goddess Powers and you will do exactly as I say. (Don’t worry, it will be something you will enjoy thoroughly).


I have tons of this shot with a slightly different pose in each one. I like my shadow here and even though you must see these strappy, little bottoms I have on in person to wholly appreciate them (imo), I do hope you can enjoy them here first:


With Love & Lust,


Gloom, No Doom

I came home to SF today from a warm, sunny location- straight into the eye of the storm. I could not be happier to be here!

This foggy, windy, stormy San Francisco  weather has always been comforting, romantic, and even inspiring to me. I love to write when it’s raining, and read, plus staying in with a date and out of the cold wind and fog is so sensual!

It’s weather for day dreaming.


Weather for putting your feet up and ordering in.


Weather for long baths and marathon cuddling.


To Do Tonight:

Light candles at dusk
Listen to jazz
Take a hot bath
Pet the cat
Read a book





Love Now!

You don’t wait until you’re on your dying bed and decide to love everybody you hated. No. You begin that now. Love everybody. There is power in love. Love is power.

-Cecil Williams



The Lost Art of Relaxation

I am trying the staycation thing out. I started today. This is harder than the beach and maybe even camping. I was thinking I would do a lot of yoga, cook, read, disconnect, and be still for some periods of time. So far I slept through yoga (two classes), realized I had no food (and don’t know how to cook really) and so I made a Thai food delivery order that I am waiting for now. I will eat Pad See Ew glued to web pages about Belize vacations and reviews of these bed sheets I am considering purchasing.

Like a time change, I guess I need a few days to adjust to this staycation attitude change. The choice to relax is a hard one!

Cooking takes patience and nuances; Seamless takes the credit card that I have stored there so I can order in one click. Sitting on the couch reading a book is a forgotten art and doing nothing today means closing down the laptop but still holding the phone. Sitting in deep meditation is great for the old nervous system and increasing compassion towards self and others, but running on the Embarcadero burns calories plus it tones calves and thighs. A staycation is a million small decisions. Everything is on your own terms. Will you relax and try a new way or get anxious and text everyone you know?

Thank God I am going to Napa in the middle of this staycation week. It will be a nice distraction to my relaxation.


Kink: No Big Deal as Long as I Can Get Some Soon

You already know that I tend towards deviance. I see myself as such in part because I am fairly kinky. But since my lifestyle is rather unromantic compared to one of cages, clothes pins, and psychological domination, my kinkiness often sits on the back burner – for much too long. Lately, I feel it simmer and then, I remember-

Sparkling, multi-colored, multi-faceted gem butt plugs stuffed away in velvet bags in my lingerie drawer that need a shine. Fishnet, black lace, tight leather, and slinky, zippered dresses crumpled up and on hangers, doing  justice for no one. A glass dildo once blown now unknown. A flogger not flung. Collars, clamps, rings, and pins, not fastened, not done. And these velvety, purple, hemp ropes, limp, longing for limbs.




I can’t say why exactly these instruments and these ways have been on my mind. My sex drive ramps up in the spring but it’s too early for that. God knows I haven’t been sex deprived! I have been self contemplative lately, and kink has always properly introduced me to myself.




Hormonal or situational matter not. What does is that I am able to play with a like-minded partner and soon! I would love to push and be pushed, to give and to take, to shock and be shocked and be close to my kinky cohort. Or at least tie someone up and sweetly torture them until they can take it no longer! At least it would give me an occasion to wear my best gem!


Photo51 9.50.24 PM 9.50.24 PM 9.50.24 PM


There are many metaphors for kink and even more theories and assumptions but I know it’s a simple manner. Kink is for adults who still like to play, and who will never stop wanting to feel good.  This is where I feel like I should quote that freak flag business that Jimi Hendrix said. Kinky people unite! Kink can be stigmatized by those not in the know.


But as long as you are being forced into something and someone is getting hurt, what’s the big deal anyway? To each (Master) their own (slave) I say!




Intimate View

Soon I will write some Words here but another picture for now. I love a good silhouette. Can you recognize the black and white view? That’s a tough question I think, but we San Franciscans tend to know our tiny, lil’ city rather intimately. It’s size and scope allow for it.