A Christmas is a Christmas

If a spade’s a spade, then Christmas is Christmas, yes? I really can’t stand the what-sentiment-to-what-holiday-to-wish-to-people-during-December debate.

If you say Happy Kwanza, you will get a blank stare and a polite thank you from me. What is Kwanza and who celebrates it? I never met anyone who can definitively answer those questions.

If you say Happy Hanukkah, my stare will be more confused than blank, unless you are handing me a pile of eight presents or a bag of money and chocolate in Temple. In that case (especially if my bag is more money heavy than chocolate), you will receive a whole hearted thank you!

We can wish people Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanza, or Happy-some-other-comparative-religious-event if we are in an environment that directly compliments these words- say a Jewish Temple. In this case, these sentiment is crystal clear and should be taken literally. Happy Holidays has no one literal meaning in any environment, and is a diluted and offhanded statement.

I heard a story of a nurse’s aid at an elementary school forced by the school’s administration to take down a home made poster of Linus and the text of his classic and famous speech about what is the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve never heard of anything more on point about this topic. With Linus’s speech as such a great opportunity for teaching young kids about the story of Christmas, what are we actually teaching them instead? Christmas is about receiving tons of presents? It’s about having a week off from school, or about eating cookies all day?  We are teaching them that Christmas is not Christmas! How confusing.

Now I am not advocating one (or any) religion being thrust upon impressionable children in school. I am simply advocating for facts to be thrusted upon these sadly uninformed children.

Political correctness is for the feeble-minded and the overly sensitive. It will be the end of clear and direct communication, next it will be the end of free speech, and finally- the end of Christmas.

So while I still can, I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! And if you are offended, then go ahead, have a miserable and unhappy December 25th. No presents for you!


Why I Love My Doubles Partners Part II: Jeniveve Delacroix

Jeniveve, Jeniveve…first can we pause for a moment and say her beautiful name a few times slowly please…?

She is the young woman in the corner of the cafe engrossed in a  latte and a Foucault book. She is the one you can’t keep your eyes off of as you wait for your coffee. She’s the reason you decide to drink it at a table as close to her as you can get rather than run out to your next meeting which you are late for. You notice her long blonde tendrils as she twirls them through her fingers. Her tanned legs are crossed denying you of any further view. Her face is smooth and youthful, yet so engrossed in the book, that she doesn’t yet notice her admirer. You wonder how any man could be so lucky and you think your day would be so much brighter if you could just see her smile at you, if only… And when she looks up and does just that, you are momentarily breathless! Her smile is sincere and full bodied, with- was that a deviant twinkle at the end? Her eyes are warm and expressive and inviting- and looking right at you!


Your day has noticeably brightened.



She’s quick with a smile; her heart is a vast as the Pacific ocean that she lives near, she’s as sweet as her name implies, though her physical beauty says: untouchable! A divine conundrum! An approachable angel!

Speaking of touching, Jeniveve’s skin is so soft and smells so sweet, it’s like sweet tea on a hot summer day or sweet chai on a cold winter’s night . And did this woman invent the squat? I do think so; just take a look from behind. Her curves are really one perfect curve that starts with her perfect lips, ending only with her petite, perfect feet.

Jeniveve is a woman to be savored. She’s like a great work of literature. Read her again and again and always you will find something new. She will challenge you intellectually and physically, over and over. TO DO: Brush up on Foucault, get an excellent night’s rest, count your blessings, and only then, plan to meet Jeniveve Delacroix.




New Video: Truly Tabitha on Tape

My NEW video will be released soon. Another successful shoot with Mark from Eros Films!


In this video, I stayed home, in my own fair city. San Francisco is so photogenic.


It’s a more up close and personal video; it’s a look into my typical days, and into me.


See the glamorous me who loves to dress, dance, dine and who, of course, enjoys:

the finer-things-in-life.


And the me who sometimes stays home with my feline soul mate to read, write, drink tea and cook on the weekends.


And that other me who gets all around town, around the Bay Area, around the world at times,

but who always arrives right back to:


Truly Yours,


Peaceful Progress: Salesforce Tower

7am view from Potrero Hill: entire SF skyline blanketed in fog minus the tip top of the up and coming giant, the Sales Force Tower.


Future View: top of what will become the tallest building in SF. Features of the completed obelisk shaped Tower include 1.4 million square feet of space, 60 stories, 13 ft high ceilings with 10 ft of clear glass on every floor, outside air intake on every floor. The Salesforce Tower will be linked to a 5.4 acre park and connected to the Transbay Transit Center, which is also still under construction and designed by the same firm, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.


It’s 9am now and I hear jackhammers from a couple directions at my now downtown location. There will always be construction in this attractive city but we will undoubtedly find relative quiet solace and a lot of green in Soma when this massive project is finished.




Woman Crush


As winter approaches, I cant’t help but to think how lucky I am to live in SF and not NYC any longer. But then-



Meet Melissa Davis, NYC’s premier and exclusive companion.

I had the pleasure of meeting her recently and I can say that ever since, I have been checking my calendar again and again to see when I can next escape to NY to see this impressive woman again. She is not only gorgeous, but she is down to Earth, funny, and just an extremely nice and warm person in general. Ever meet someone and you just know you will be seeing them again and again? I am sure you will feel this way about Melissa, like I do! I am smitten and once again so proud to be a part of a larger network of such smart and beautiful women.




Why I Love My Doubles Partners Part One: Sasha Cadeaux

When I first laid eyes on Sasha’s ads, I could sense she was unique right away. Her photos were full of life; her look was elegant, refined and edgy, all simultaneously; even the words she used to describe herself- like “effervescent blonde”- all stirred something inside of me. Soon, I started hearing whispers from trusted people who said Sasha was “unbelievable”.

Sasha is believable on a day when your ultimate female fantasy unfurls before you.


Unfortunately for our viewers at home, what I consider to be among her best features are hidden in her online presence. Her face is beautiful and yes, I would even say it’s like an angel since an angel is soft, feminine, and glowing. You also can’t see her empathy and her ability to make you feel like you are the only one in her world (when you are lucky enough to be close to her).

I always seem to learn something when I am with Sasha since she is smart, educated, and has an uncanny intuition. Truly, total package material is she. The fantasy of anyone desiring a passionate woman who possesses a perfect balance of heart, brains, and beauty.






Outrageously Sexy Dress ISO Sexy Occasions, Have Pumps Will Travel

My brand new Herve Leger dress makes me feel incredibly sexy and so I am wearing it at home to eat dinner and tidy up my apartment. Maybe I will run some errands in it wearing my sling back black pumps later. I’ve been feeling myself up, frankly, because this dress simply feels amazing. I do not want to take this tiny beauty off. It’s a dress made exclusively to accentuate a woman’s curves. It’s the kind of dress that little lingerie is needed underneath because the cut and fabric alone hold everything perfectly together. A perfect dress. A perfect design. I will be creating events for this dress; please help with this.




What, no reviews?

I don’t participate in the review system any longer, despite being a top ranked provider in my city with plenty of 10/10 reviews. There are many reasons for my withdrawal. The festering misogyny that the review culture encourages aside, the primary reason is that I think too many reviews on the national board(s) are completely made up, or written under false precepts, which negates the number one reason that clients look to review sites: for provider reliability.

To check my own reliability, I encourage you to read on. Not only this post but browse through my blog. There are four years plus of carefully written posts, and tons of eye candy.

To know if I really am “as advertised”, I encourage you to come back to my site or to my ads from time to time. There is my Eros Guide ad and my P411 ad, both in SF. I do a photo shoot religiously every three months, which means there is always new content of me trickling into my tiny corners of the web. When we meet, who you saw online, is who will smile and welcome you at the door when we meet. Also, please enjoy the two videos I have made for you (with more to come) to further confirm my credibility, charisma, and constitution. I have much of all three!

Maybe you are still a skeptic or twice shy due to a past bite. To further quell your concerns or curiosities about me, you can find me on Twitter, linked up with and corresponding regularly with other top providers from around the world and especially in the Bay Area. I know women from many cities and many of us are personal friends providing personal recommendations to our clients.

Last but not least at all, I am involved with a highly exclusive and reputable collective called Le Jardin Sensuelle  which hosts unforgettable and unimaginable events about every six months or so. Because I am also exclusive and reputable, I was chosen to join this elite group. Contact me directly for more information.

I find I have the best time with clients who have read my blog. Those are the clients that I have the most in common with and when we meet, there is no ice to break; intimacy and friendship has been established already. I find that I get on very well with independent minded individuals: those who make their own way or their own companies, those who chose to embrace life, not fall prey to the mundanity of it, and those that care about the “total package” not skewed, statistical numbers from a website that is commonly called “necessary evil” by providers and clients alike.


  • Evil is a bad way to start any relationship. Even reviewed providers do not prefer clients who review.
  • What one man may love, another may loathe.
  • You can’t trust what is on the internet, especially what is on escort review sites.
  • Following the herd always leads to disillusionment- eventually.
  • Independent and elite escorts prefer independent-minded and elite clients!
  • My business model is designed as one that gives you the maximum amount of information to determine if I am the one you are seeking. Check me out!


*Independent Escort Providing Extraordinary Moments to my Unique, Like-Minded Clients since 2011*