Tabitha’s Top Three for 2019

It’s genuinely been a great year, one of my best to date. I’m counting blessings by the dozen but here are my top three for 2019.

#1 – I committed to a new fitness routine that has me feeling stronger and sexier than ever! The first time I took a HIIT Bootcamp Class, I thought everyone there was insane, including the friends who had invited me. The instructors were encouraging people to sprint 10, 11, and 12 miles per hour on the treadmill, going UPHILL. Three sets of 25 hammer curls and we’re just getting warmed up. No squat was complete without a jump at the end and a push up to start.

Nine months later and I feel that high intensity interval training is just what the doctor ordered for this long time yogi! Yoga has definitely made me flexible, strong, and calm, but things get old and I was asleep at the altar. This bootcamp workout has launched me to new fitness heights and I look forward to going to it every time.

#2 – I completed my reading list this year! In January, I whittled my much too long list of books I want to read to ten essential titles. I finished the tenth one earlier this month. This was the first time I ever followed through on a reading challenge, so it felt extra good.

I won’t bore you with the entire list but I will say that The Secret History by Donna Tartt was easily the best novel I’ve read in a decade (even more thrilling and readable than her Pulitzer winner, The Goldfinch, in my opinion). I’m going to reread The Secret History during Christmas break by the light of the tree!

#3 – I went back to work temporarily in the real “civvie” world and it was amazing. I never thought I could ever again fit into 9-5 culture but I did and I felt right at home. Being part of a team was a fun challenge and wearing suits and pumps everyday felt empowering (and damn sexy!). This short term corporate gig is over but it really woke up a desire in me to be more professionally diverse and creative.

After the holidays, I’ll be launching a new company that helps providers with marketing and branding. I’ve met too many amazing and beautiful ladies in this industry who were not as successful as they could be due only to poor marketing skills. I want to change that and help ladies realize not only their goals, but their wildest dreams.

May 2020 bring more blessings to everyone!

I’m Lucky

Today I had my first meeting after a six week vacation. I was excited but not nervous as I was meeting with someone that I already knew and liked very much.  He was running late and I could tell  right away that he had rushed to get to me. I gave him a big hug and whisked him towards the elevators. I couldn’t wait to get him to my room and to make him feel relaxed and at ease.

Quickly, we caught up like old friends and he gave me the update on his daughter and I told him a bit  about my vacation. It was really good to see him and especially to see him smiling and relaxed which he seemed to be already.

During the last half of our date, I gave him a massage focusing on his neck, shoulders, and hands. I remembered that was where he mainly carried his tension from our first session together and so we were able to move seamlessly from a sweet embrace, to the massage, to his most tense parts, without words. I made sure that I worked out some stubborn knots and wished that we could have more time together as I could have kept up with the rubbing him part for hours. There is not many things in life that I love more than giving a man a massage.

He left feeling relaxed and happy and I am also very happy to be back.

I am thankful to do something that I love, to be able to take six week vacations, and for the men who make it all possible.

I’m lucky.

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Why you must meet Jeniveve Delacroix

She is the young woman in the corner of the cafe engrossed in a  latte and a Foucault book. She is the one you can’t keep your eyes off of as you wait for your coffee. She’s the reason you decide to drink it at a table as close to her as you can get rather than run out to your next meeting which you are late for. You notice her long blonde tendrils as she twirls them through her fingers. Her tanned legs are crossed denying you of any further view. Her face is smooth and youthful, yet so engrossed in the book, that she doesn’t yet notice her admirer. You wonder how any man could be so lucky and you think your day would be so much brighter if you could just see her smile at you, if only… And when she looks up and does just that, you are momentarily breathless! Her smile is sincere and full bodied, with- was that a deviant twinkle at the end? Her eyes are warm and expressive and inviting- and looking right at you!


Your day has noticeably brightened.


She’s quick with a smile; her heart is a vast as the Pacific ocean that she lives near, she’s as sweet as her name implies, though her physical beauty says: untouchable! A divine conundrum! An approachable angel!

Speaking of touching, Jeniveve’s skin is so soft and smells so sweet, it’s like sweet tea on a hot summer day or sweet chai on a cold winter’s night . And did this woman invent the squat? I do think so; just take a look from behind. Her curves are really one perfect curve that starts with her perfect lips, ending only with her petite, perfect feet.

Jeniveve is a woman to be savored. She’s like a great work of literature. Read her again and again and always you will find something new. She will challenge you intellectually and physically, over and over.

Tabitha in San Francisco caught on videotape

Enjoy these stills from my NEW video.


In this video, I stayed home, in my own fair city. San Francisco is so photogenic.


It’s a more up close and personal video; it’s a look into my typical days, and into me.


See the glamorous me who loves to dress, dance, dine and who, of course, enjoys:

the finer-things-in-life.


And the me who sometimes stays home with my feline soul mate to read, write, drink tea and cook on the weekends.


And that other me who gets all around town, around the Bay Area, around the world at times,

but who always arrives right back to:


Truly Yours,