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A Christmas is a Christmas

If a spade’s a spade, then Christmas is Christmas, yes? I really can’t stand the what-sentiment-to-what-holiday-to-wish-to-people-during-December debate.

If you say Happy Kwanza, you will get a blank stare and a polite thank you from me. What is Kwanza and who celebrates it? I never met anyone who can definitively answer those questions.

If you say Happy Hanukkah, my stare will be more confused than blank, unless you are handing me a pile of eight presents or a bag of money and chocolate in Temple. In that case (especially if my bag is more money heavy than chocolate), you will receive a whole hearted thank you!

We can wish people Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanza, or Happy-some-other-comparative-religious-event if we are in an environment that directly compliments these words- say a Jewish Temple. In this case, these sentiment is crystal clear and should be taken literally. Happy Holidays has no one literal meaning in any environment, and is a diluted and offhanded statement.

I heard a story of a nurse’s aid at an elementary school forced by the school’s administration to take down a home made poster of Linus and the text of his classic and famous speech about what is the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve never heard of anything more on point about this topic. With Linus’s speech as such a great opportunity for teaching young kids about the story of Christmas, what are we actually teaching them instead? Christmas is about receiving tons of presents? It’s about having a week off from school, or about eating cookies all day?  We are teaching them that Christmas is not Christmas! How confusing.

Now I am not advocating one (or any) religion being thrust upon impressionable children in school. I am simply advocating for facts to be thrusted upon these sadly uninformed children.

Political correctness is for the feeble-minded and the overly sensitive. It will be the end of clear and direct communication, next it will be the end of free speech, and finally- the end of Christmas.

So while I still can, I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! And if you are offended, then go ahead, have a miserable and unhappy December 25th. No presents for you!


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