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Babbling About Brooke Winter- and then Having Sex with Her

I am traveling to NYC on April 3rd, for about a week or so. This is a special trip because I am coming with a great, new friend, Brooke Winter. Even more special is that we are offering appointments together.

Now I fell in love with Brooke the moment I met her at a party. She was dressed elegantly but casually and exuded an air of sincerity and effortless beauty. We chatted it up for a while and I learned that she was a true California girl in attitude and sensibility, that she has a wicked sense of humor with a sweet smile to match (an intoxicating combination!) and that she has traveled the globe a few times and is still going. She is the type of person who makes you feel like you are the only person alive while you are with her. I really could not take my eyes off of Brooke with her long, stunning hair, big doe eyes, her perfect rear view, but her kind and genuine personality that hinted at someone experienced, or adventurous, or both, really had to be the best part about her.


And then we had a threesome, and then there were too many great parts to pick my favorite one! Please help me to decide!


I can assure you that there is nothing better than looking down and seeing Brooke- with her beautiful brown hair flipped to one side and her expressive brown eyes looking back at you as she… Until a second brunette- buxom and beautiful with stylishly, short hair- enters, kisses you slowly, and sits down right on your…

The rest of the story is yours to write and Brooke and I would be delighted to be your co-stars in this exciting endeavor.

We will be staying at a 5-star hotel in Midtown and entertaining together and separately from April 3rd-7th. Click here to schedule a date with us.


P.S. If two hot women with matching lingerie is your thing, I own that same outfit Brooke is wearing above which is, in my opinion, Agent Provocateur at it’s absolute¬†best naughtiest. We have a few matching sets so just ask if you would like to see (and feel) double.

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