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Kink: No Big Deal as Long as I Can Get Some Soon

You already know that I tend towards deviance. I see myself as such in part because I am fairly kinky. But since my lifestyle is rather unromantic compared to one of cages, clothes pins, and psychological domination, my kinkiness often sits on the back burner – for much too long. Lately, I feel it simmer and then, I remember-

Sparkling, multi-colored, multi-faceted gem butt plugs stuffed away in velvet bags in my lingerie drawer that need a shine. Fishnet, black lace, tight leather, and slinky, zippered dresses crumpled up and on hangers, doing  justice for no one. A glass dildo once blown now unknown. A flogger not flung. Collars, clamps, rings, and pins, not fastened, not done. And these velvety, purple, hemp ropes, limp, longing for limbs.




I can’t say why exactly these instruments and these ways have been on my mind. My sex drive ramps up in the spring but it’s too early for that. God knows I haven’t been sex deprived! I have been self contemplative lately, and kink has always properly introduced me to myself.




Hormonal or situational matter not. What does is that I am able to play with a like-minded partner and soon! I would love to push and be pushed, to give and to take, to shock and be shocked and be close to my kinky cohort. Or at least tie someone up and sweetly torture them until they can take it no longer! At least it would give me an occasion to wear my best gem!


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There are many metaphors for kink and even more theories and assumptions but I know it’s a simple manner. Kink is for adults who still like to play, and who will never stop wanting to feel good.  This is where I feel like I should quote that freak flag business that Jimi Hendrix said. Kinky people unite! Kink can be stigmatized by those not in the know.


But as long as you are being forced into something and someone is getting hurt, what’s the big deal anyway? To each (Master) their own (slave) I say!




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